👋 Hello there.

I’m Piotr MonwidOlechnowicz. Nice to have you here.

I currently specialize in React and TypeScript. I maintain Theme UI and contribute here and there to other libraries. I build software at Flick, and I’m one of Wrocław TypeScript nerds.

This is my space on the internet, where I write blog posts, collect things that influenced me, and comment on them. I try to learn in public.

Check out my notes — I started publishing little bits of my Foam workspace recently, and the graph overview is pretty rad.

Feel free to ping me on Twitter if you like (or hate) anything you read here.

Personal Favorites

  • AoC 2020 Day 1 — Report Repair
  • Refinement Types
  • You Deserve More than PropTypes

I gave a few talks. Matryoshka Code rant is probably the best one.